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It is not proper to disclose client information to the public, but here is what some of my clients have written about me in response to my request for a testimonial for this website:

“I used the services of Ms. Libanio in August- September 2007, when I was purchasing my first home in Toronto, Canada. Since at the time I was living in Vancouver, BC I was very anxious about using a lawyer remotely for closing on my Toronto house. Ms. Libanio was referred to me by another lawyer and I met her in August 2007. She was very thorough, answered my questions and walked me through the process with ease. I felt I could trust her and chose her over the lawyer recommended by my real estate agent. The closing went smoothly and Ms. Libanio handled all matters professionally and promptly. I am very pleased with her services and if needed I would definitely contact her again.”
-CLIENT (10/27/2013)

"Very experienced and professional, yet friendly and approachable. Very prompt in returning phone calls and will never fail to remember every detail about your purchase and/or sale."
-CLIENT (04/09/2012)

 “Very experienced and professional, yet friendly and approachable.  Susan is very prompt in returning phone calls and she will guide you through every step of your purchase and sale. She is completely reliable and trustworthy and her fees are extremely reasonable. We've enjoyed our experience and would use Susan's real estate services every time we relocate!"
-CLIENT (12/12/11)